We Are Excited to Introduce You To Our Shotgun Supplier.

Radikal Arms was founded in 2011 as an alternative company to SA-KA Arms by the owners of SA-KA. SA-KA was founded in 2002. They are one of the first companies in Turkey exporting shotguns. In 2006 SA-KA made a cooperation with Weatherby Arms and had huge number shotgun sales. They produced Weatherby PA-08 model pump action shotguns. According their records more than 360,000 shotguns were sold in the USA with the brand Weatherby. 

In 2015 Radikal Arms decided to produce their own brand. During this time they keep doing contract manufacturing for Charles Daly (Chiappa Arms), Legacy Sports, and GForce Arms. 

Right now they have 5 companies doing business under the same management. Two are coating companies. They are the biggest coating company in their region. Most of the companies in the region work with them for the decoration of their shotguns. 

Last year they created World-Tac, which continues to make high-quality shotguns. 

We import from them directly and pass-on savings to our customers. 

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