AR Industries is excited to bring you our exclusive Builder’s Club, available in three tiers. We created the builder’s club to bring together like-minded people and offer some great discounts and perks to our most loyal customers.

The links below will take you to their respective product pages where you can sign up to be a member of the builder’s club. We hope you join!

Builder’s Club Tier 1 – Platinum

Builder’s Club Tier 2 – Gold

Builder’s Club Tier 3 – Silver

On the chart to the left we break down all the different parts that come with the three tiers. Below we will explain each of these in more detail.

The signup fee is $29.99 regardless of what tier you join. Silver costs $7.99 a month, Gold $9.99, and Platinum $12.99. These costs help us to provide you with some incredible perks and discounts. It’s a small price to pay for what you get in return.

Every member of the builder’s club gets a free T-shirt in their preferred size, an armorer’s wrench, and AR Industries Decal! Nothing like some cool swag and useful tools to get things started.

When you join the builder’s club you are eligible to receive 50 entries for any giveaway currently being held. In order to redeem those points, please send an email with your information to buildersclub@arindustriesllc.com

We will hold routine exclusive giveaways only for members of the builder’s club. Those will be done via Gleam and sent to your email once you join so make sure to use an email address you use often, and to add our buildersclub@arindustriesllc.com email address to your contacts!

We have employees with decades of experience building ARs and so much more. We are happy to assist you with your build and any problems you run into. Please email your questions to buildersclub@arindustriesllc.com

When you join the builder’s club you will be given exclusive access to our video library where we will post a variety of videos to help you with your build. Ranging from simple things like installing a buttstock, to more complex tasks like a complete build, our videos will be a valuable resource for you.

Silver tier members get a 5% discount on almost everything (including sale items), Gold tier members get a 5% discount on almost everything (including sale items) and free shipping on any orders over $100. Platinum tier members get a 10% discount off almost everything (including sale items) and free shipping on any orders over $75. For those making bigger purchases on our website, the platinum tier is a clear choice to get the biggest and best discount available. 

Available for platinum members only, we will send out occasional deals that will be our best deals available.