Terms & Conditions



If you have any issues with your order such as missing, broken/damaged, or incorrect parts please notify our customer service as soon as you are able to via email at customerservice@arindustriesllc.com. It is very helpful for us if you send pictures of the product in this email. We try to respond to these issues quickly and will get back to you in a timely manner. 


Our policy for warranty returns are as follows:

·      AR Industries will issue a postage-paid return label for only the products that are being warrantied. 

·      Items that qualify for warranty will have to be reported within 30 days after receiving the order to obtain a postage-paid label. 

·      Shipping for items that are over 30 days will have to be paid by the customer. 

·      If you need to have an item warrantied, you will need to notify customer service to obtain an RMA. If you fail to obtain an RMA, AR Industries is not required or obligated to honor the warranty exchange.

·      Our warranty policy is for products that are not abused in any way. 

·      Our warranty does not include items that have been modified, altered, abused, or disassembled. 

·      We are not obligated to warranty anything that uses Loktite (or other thread locking compounds), non-standard gunsmithing tools, or incorrect assembly. 


Our warranty is meant to cover manufacturing defects. We do not warranty parts that have been dropped, abused, the use of reloaded ammunition, modified parts, or items that have been incorrectly stored. 


AR Industries has the right to inspect all returns to determine the return value. If we receive a part that we determine is not covered by our warranty standards, you will have to pay the shipping to have it sent back to you. At this point, we will not issue a credit or refund. 


Items that are not warrantied:

·      80% lowers (Receiver Blanks)

·      Serialized Lowers

·      Special Orders

·      Items sold as-is

·      Ammunition


Backordered Products


We allow customers to purchase items on backorder. Items on backorder can take as long as four weeks. If you have any questions regarding your backordered items, please contact customerservice@arindustriesllc.com



Returns and Exchanges


We will only accept returns and/or exchanges that have an approved RMA. Processing times for refunds may take up to two weeks, depending on your bank. We reserve the right to determine a value for all returned products.


Our policy for returns is as follows:

·      If the RMA is filed within 30 days after receiving the product. You are required to pay the return postage if the item is not being returned for warranty issues. If the product is not opened, in its original packaging, with assembly instructions (If supplied with the product) we will accept the return with a 5% restocking fee. If the product cannot be restocked for retail sale, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

·      If the RMA is filed after 30 days from the time you received the product, will be assessed a 15% restocking fee. If the product cannot be restocked for retail sale you will be assessed a 25% restocking fee. 


All shipping charges and costs are not subject to refunds.


Our Shipping Policy


We take great pride in getting orders out as quickly as possible. FFL orders can take as many as several weeks, depending on the Transfer FFL Dealer’s response time. 


On the occasion that a package is “returned to sender” we will contact you. We will hold the package for 72 hours (business days). If you do not respond within that time frame we will restock the item. We will refund you for the total order minus the shipping charges and a 25% restocking fee. If you respond to us within the allotted time frame, you will need to pay the extra shipping charges to resend the package. 


Risk of Loss


All items purchased from us are pursuant to a shipment contract. What this means is that the risk of loss passes to you at the time we deliver the package to the carrier. If a package is damaged, lost, or addressed wrong the liability is passed to you. 


We highly recommend that you purchase shipping insurance. Carriers no longer guarantee deliveries without shipping insurance. If you choose to opt-out of purchasing shipping insurance, you will not be compensated for any packages that are lost, damaged, or delivered to the wrong address. 


Shipping Claims


If you have to file a claim, it is recommended that you notify us so we can file a claim for you. If you feel that you have to file a claim on your own, we are not obligated to replace or refund any of your order.


Claims from all major carriers only have a 2-5 day window to be reported to the carrier. If we file a claim on your behalf, you must participate in the process by cooperating with the carriers. We have to wait for the final decision from the carrier before we can refund or replace any of your orders. 




On occasion, you may need to cancel an order. To do this please contact customerservice@arindustriesllc.com as soon as possible. We try to get orders out on the day on which they are received. If the order has shipped before you try to cancel, you will be unable to do so. 


If the order is refused and returned back to us, you will be charged for the shipping and a 25% restocking fee. 




If you choose to file a chargeback but still have possession of the product, we reserve the right to collect. Our collection fee is $25.00 and our chargeback fee is $25.00. A total of $50.00 will be charged to the customer who filed the chargeback. 


If you file a chargeback on a serialized part and have possession of the part, we are obligated to report the product as theft to the ATF. 


Illegal Products


We reserve the right to cancel an order If you purchase an item that is illegal in your state, county, or city. At the time of cancellation, you will be issued a store credit for the value of that item. You have the responsibility to know the firearm laws for your area. 


Serialized Items


All sales with serialized items are final. If a serialized product is purchased and we have decided it is illegal to send it to your state, county, or city, you will be issued a store credit for the value of the item. 


At the time of order, you will need to email a copy of the Transfer FFL Dealer’s FFL to ffl@arindustriesllc.com. If we haven’t received the Transfer Dealer’s FFL or Information within 30 days from the time the order is placed, we will cancel the order and issue store credit. 


Please make sure you will pass a background check before you order a serialized product. We do not refund or warranty serialized items when the customer does not pass the required background check to obtain their product. 



Conditions of Use


We provide our service and products with the following conditions when you purchase from our website:


·      Applicable Law-When you visit www.arindustriesllc.com you agree that the laws of the state of UTAH will govern our conditions of use.

·      Disputes-All disputes resulting from visiting or purchasing from AR Industries LLC will be submitted to confidential arbitration in UTAH. AR Industries LLC may seek injunctive relief in any state or federal court if you choose to violate or threaten to violate our intellectual property rights. Arbitration under this agreement shall be conducted under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator’s award shall be binding and may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction. No arbitration under this Agreement shall be joined to arbitration that involves other parties subject to this agreement. If you threaten to file a dispute for a product that is in our possession, we reserve the right to hold possession until the dispute is reversed. We will not issue refunds on products if there is an open dispute. 

·      Privacy-We keep all customer and payment information private. 

·      Electronic Communication-When you visit our site or send us emails you are communicating with us electronically. You agree that all communication between us satisfies any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. 

·      Copyright-All content that is on our site including logos, button icons, images, text, graphics, audio/video clips, digital downloads, and software are the sole property of AR Industries LLC. All content is protected by intellectual Copywrite laws. 

·      Trademarks-AR Industries LLC trademark and trade dress may not be used in any way that is likely to cause confusion among customers or discredit AR Industries LLC. All trademarks that appear on our site are the property of their respective owners.

·      License and Site Access-AR Industries grants you a limited license to access and use our site. You are not allowed to download content or make modifications without the expressed written consent of AR Industries LLC. This site in full or in portion may not be duplicated, reproduced, sold, copied, visited, resold, or otherwise exploited for any purpose without the express written consent of AR Industries LLC. The use of meta tags or hidden text that uses AR Industries LLC’s name or trademarks my not be used without the written consent of AR Industries LLC. The use of AR Industries LLC’s logo or any other proprietary trademarks cannot be used without the written consent of AR Industries LLC.

·      Membership Accounts-You are responsible for maintaining your account and password. The responsibility for activities that occur under your account are your responsibility. This website is intended for use if you are over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age you must have the approval of a parent or guardian. We reserve the right to terminate accounts, edit or remove content, refuse service, or cancel orders at our sole discretion. 

·      Product Descriptions-We attempt to provide accurate descriptions. We do not warranty products that may have inaccurate, incomplete, or unreliable descriptions. 

·      Modification, Severability, and Site Policies-We reserve the right to alter any of these policies and the conditions of use at any time. If any of these conditions are deemed as invalid or void, they will be severable and do not affect the enforceability of any other conditions. 


Warranties and liability limitations are provided by AR Industries LLC on an “As-Is” basis. We make no warranty of any kind pertaining to the operation of this site or the content, materials, information, or products that are included on this site. By visiting this site you agree that you will use this site at your sole risk. AR Industries LLC disclaims all warranties including but not limited to warranties of merchantability for a specific purpose. AR Industries does not warrant that emails sent from us are free from viruses or other malware. AR Industries is not liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of this site.