Can you believe that you can turn your AR-15 into a .410 Shotgun?

You can, and we have them!!!

Our .410 Conversion Upper is getting great reviews. It is a great addition to any gun collection. And it is one of the best home defense firearms on the market. It is really easy to install on your AR-15 lower, all you have to do is pop the pivot pins, take off your current upper, and then snap the conversion into place. 

It is piston-driven, which makes it perfect to shoot many types of .410 2.5” shells. They come complete with two 10-round magazines. It even has flip-up sights!

Here are some simple tricks to get your upper to perform at its best:

  • Polish the backbore.
  • Buff the feed ramp until it is a bright smooth finish. 
  • You can put a very small amount of Vaseline on the o-ring to keep it flexible. 

4 Responses

  1. I put it on my lower and it does not work. Will not mload because of that small flap. You also say it won’t work with an 80% lower. Why not?

    1. Hi Richard,
      What type of lower are you trying to use?
      It doesn’t work on an 80% lower because they are not milled accurately.
      By nature, the .410 upper is a bit temperamental. I found that if you put a small shim between where the lower and upper meet the small flap will fall into place.
      Please let me know if you have further questions.
      Thank you,

    1. Hi Joseph,
      These do not work on 80% Lowers

      Drop this .410 Shotgun conversion kit onto your AR-15 lower and start blasting away! Includes all items to convert an AR-15 rifle into a .410 shotgun.

      The approximate barrel length is 19″.

      Included items:
      -(x2) 10 round magazines
      -.410 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)
      -charging handle
      -recoil buffer.
      -complete upper assembly

      All AR style shotguns are known to be finicky when it comes to ammo, its just the nature of the beast.

      Here are our helpful tips to improve the performance of your upper:

      Use the shortest 2.5-inch ammo you can find, we have found Fiocchi worked the best, then Remington/Federal. Stay away from Browning/Sellier & Bellot (we are not saying they make bad ammo; it just did not cycle properly during our testing due to the shells being slightly longer).
      Low brass works better.
      Use cartridges that have a smooth outer shell Vs. ribbed. Slugs worked the best.
      Use some dry lube inside the magazine. Keep the upper clean and well lubed.
      Under no circumstances should you use any ammunition other than 2.5-inch shotgun shells.
      Hope this helps,

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